Terrie Yeatts
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  1. Maggie Sukayri


    I just LOVED your painting. I recently wrote a poem by the same title “Beside Myself”, and I’ve been looking for a picture expressive enough to use just as imagery… I was hoping if it was ok for me to add it.

    All I have is a facebook page, I’m not yet a published poet or author, and of course I’ll be using your name as the painter.

    Please reply as soon as you can.


  2. Joey Racano

    Wow! Love your fabulous style! So warm, rollicking too. I am experimenting with writing a book using a facebook page, it’s called Crow Kung Fu. I took the liberty of posting one of your artworks there with a chapter. I will remove it if that is a problem. But I hope it isn’t. My poetry is also on facebook at Spiritpen and my music art and writing is easy to find if you ever get bored. Thanks so much fo the beautiful art, and this website is really impressive! You must be quite an interesting person 🙂

    love and respect,

    joey racano (let’s save the world!)

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